Our management team

Fertilland’s management team, board and scientific advisors are highly experienced professionals in their respective fields. We are all committed to delivering our products and dedicating our expertise to couples trying to conceive, providing the essential information and education throughout the stressful demands of the infertility processes.

George E. Anagnostakos
Chief Executive Officer / Founder

With a deep commitment to a comprehensive approach to the issues of reproductive health, and a passion and knowledge of the fertility processes, George Anagnostakos founded Fertilland Pharma.

A Senior Pharma Executive with vast regional experience, having held senior management roles in multinational pharmaceutical organizations, and with a thorough know-how, both nationally and internationally, of Pharmaceutical, Bioscience, OTC, Chemical Industry, Environmental Science and Public Health.

George Anagnostakos has a clear scientific health-related background, and a sound knowledge of human fertility issues. He is as well a Reproductive Health & Research Advisor at WHO (World Health Organization) in Geneve, Switzerland.

  • More than 25 years of regional experience in Senior Executive roles in the pharma industry.
  • An established leader and a strategic thinker with a strong track record and honors.
  • Project leader of GFA – Global Fertility Academy (educational program for physicians and other healthcare professionals involved in infertility).
  • He has developed, launched, and managed global key projects and strategies on fertility.
  • Wide expertise and network in Fertility Global Market.
  • Highly networked and an active member of several non-governmental organizations.
  • A change agent able to engage and align staff behind high performance objectives.

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