Cookies Policy

“Cookies” are self-installed text files, with short content, that are allowed to be stored on the computer of the user, who visits a website. The “Cookies” files are sent from a website to the user’s terminal equipment during the first visit to it and are reversed during the next visits of the user to the same website. The “Cookies” that come from this website serve to identify the user and through statistical data to improve the services provided by the website to him, such as the provision of personalized services.

The harmless collection for the user of non-personal information and data that in no way reveals his identity, contributes to the faster and more efficient operation of our website through statistical evaluations and comparative observations, to the faster processing of user orders and to the general optimization of the services provided on this website. The technical storage of “Cookies” files is allowed with the consent of the user which can be given through appropriate settings in the web browser or through another application, for the purposes of passing a communication or providing a service explicitly requested by the user (art. 4, case 5, law 3471/2006). The possible use of “Cookies” files for advertising purposes is done within the framework set by law. The user has the possibility to delete the “Cookies” files from his terminal equipment, at any time.