Tea Prelevic is the Ambassador of the campaign
“I sosti stigmi!” for Greece

The international awareness campaign for fertility preservation “I sosti stigmi!”  (“The Right Time!”), which in recent months has been implemented with significant results and in our country, sponsored by Fertilland Pharma, has acquired its own face in Greece! The dynamic Tea Prelevic took action as ambassador of this great awareness campaign, aiming at her messages reaching as many young women as possible, helping them to make the right decisions about their future.

Given that not all women are the same and that everyone has the right to choose whether and when to become a mother, the campaign “I sosti stigmi!” provides valid information about the ‘journey’ of fertility, away from stereotypes, dynamically supporting individual will and choice!

Through a dynamic digital platform, developed specifically for this purpose on the website https://isostistigmi. gr, the social campaign informs young women about the modern options they have for fertility preservation, such as egg freezing, to ensure their chances for a successful pregnancy, at any age they feel ready!

Taking up her duties as Ambassador, Tea Prelevic said: “I am very happy to join this international social campaign, which will support all of us, young women, on such an important issue as fertility. Because motherhood is a choice and not a social obligation, we are properly informed and prepared to welcome it into our lives when it will be The Right Time!”

This social campaign, which to date has informed thousands of women all over Europe, is an initiative of Gedeon Richter and in Greece it is supported by Fertilland Pharma.